Church History

The Origins (1930s)

In the late summer of 1932, Rev. Robert Crocker came to the Mt Pisgah community to begin a revival. At that time, there was only a Presbyterian and a Baptist church in the community and the first few nights of revival were held in the Presbyterian church. Over the next six months, approximately 130 people were baptized in Jesus Name and received the Holy Ghost. This revival set into motion the fervor for souls and the dedication to prayer and fasting that still permeate the existence of Mt Pisgah United Pentecostal Church today. Services were held around the area in different homes or in brush arbors until M.L. Davis donated the land where the church now stands today. Rev. Crocker along with members of the church and volunteers from the community built the first church building. In reviewing old records, the church has had at least two other names, "Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus Christ" and "Mt Zion Holiness Church", but to those that have been around since its beginning, it has always been known simply as "PISGAH".     

Growth (1940-2008)  

In the 1940s, the second church was built consisting of an auditorium and two Sunday school rooms. During the next few years, additional Sunday school rooms were built to accommodate the growing church attendance. In the early 1960s, a fellowship hall was added and it, along with the auditorium built in the 1940s, was converted into what is now the Sunday School Department when the current church building was constructed in the late 1960s. The 1970s, 80s and 90s brought more growth and remodeling; music programs and new ministries. In 2000, with Phase I complete, the Family Life Center was put into service. The first 75 years of Mt Pisgah brought a lot of change and expansion, yet the purpose, the drive and the message never altered.  

Continuing the Commitment  

The next phase in the leadership of Mt Pisgah came in May 2008 when Rev. Karl L. Causey and wife, Anita, of Pineville, Louisiana, were elected Pastor. Today, Pastor Causey continues to lead the congregation in the same purpose; the same love for souls; the same commitment to prayer, fasting, Bible reading, and evangelism; and with the same anointing that has been a part of the church since its beginning. With attendance again on the rise, Mt Pisgah continues to carry out its mission to be a place where people may come and find deliverance and salvation in Jesus Christ.